Spiritual Healing is an important aspect of Spiritualism. It is a form of mediumship whereby, instead of bringing forth evidence and messages from departed loved ones, the medium channels healing energies from the Divine Source to willing recipients.

Access to Divine healing energies is inherent in all of us. Anyone with the interest and desire can ask to connect to these energies to fulfill their highest purpose. Our Church provides Spiritual Healers as the channels through which these Divine energies flow.

Church Healers are all trained by our adjunct agency, the Association of Spiritual Healers of Alberta (ASHA) and are active members of our Spiritualist community.

Advanced Energy Healing

Advanced Energy Healing, also called Trance Healing, is a longer, more intensive kind of Spiritual Healing, where the Spiritual Healing medium links to the Divine Source and channels the Universal healing energy to the recipient. At our Church, Advanced Energy Healers adhere to the Spiritualist protocol as instructed at Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England.

During an Advanced Energy Healing session, the medium makes a physical connection with the recipient by placing their hand on the recipient’s back. The healing medium does not examine, diagnose or prescribe anything for the recipient, but does use a form of silent prayer to increase the energy flowing to the recipient from the Divine Source. It is through this enhanced energy from the Universe that healing can occur in the physical world.

Healing Mediums at CFSC have taken special training to do this work. They practice meditation regularly and know how to link into the higher healing energies. Their focus is on maintaining the link that allows healing to occur rather than focusing on the person receiving healing.


The Association of Spiritual Healers of Alberta (ASHA) is CFSC’s adjunct agency, which is responsible for certifying our Church’s Spiritual Healers.

ASHA is affiliated with The Healing Trust, National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) in the United Kingdom, which is one of the oldest non-denominational organizations in the English-speaking world for training Spiritual Healers. It uses a particular protocol to scan the aura, balance the chakras, improve the energy flow through both sides of the body and bring in specific and complex vibrations directed to the recipient by a Higher Intelligence. The hands of the healer are used as energy poles to direct the subtle energies but the healing itself always flows from a Divine Source.

CFSC’s Spiritual Healers are active Church members who are trained and certified by ASHA. They offer healing in the Sanctuary every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. For more information see Services.

If you would like to begin your training as a Spiritual Healer, visit the ASHA website or email the Church.

Distant Healing

Distant Healing (also called Absentee Healing) is available for people unable to be present but who have requested healing.

At CFSC we keep a Distant Healing book at the back of the Sanctuary at all times. When you come to Church, you are welcome to add the names of any family and friends to whom you wish to send healing. These names are read aloud weekly at our Monday and Wednesday Spiritual Healing Services when Church Healers and healing recipients are deeply connected to the healing energies of the Divine Source.

Health is wholeness, harmony, rhythm, concert. You are tripartite beings. You are spirit or soul, mind and physical body. If there is harmony between these three essential parts of the whole, you have health. There is interaction all the time between the mind, the spirit and the body. – Silver Birch
Our Church is also connected to Distant Healing organizations around the globe. Click here for information on our Affiliations.

More about Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is an holistic method of healing used to restore the balance of body, mind and spirit using Universal energy. It promotes self-healing and brings a sense of well-being and peace to the recipient. Channeling of these energies by the healer can help an individual deal with stress, illness or injury. It can speed the rate and extent of recovery from serious illness or major surgery, and debilitating treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. It complements conventional medicine.

Requirements to become a Church Healer

Those who would like to become Spiritual Healers at CFSC are required to fulfill the following requirements:

• have a desire to serve others and act as a channel for healing energies
• complete the eight-week ASHA course and one-year probationary, practicum period
• gather healing testimonials from recipients during the probationary, practicum period
• pass ASHA’s written exam at the end of the probationary, practicum year
• be a member of CFSC

Once a student has fulfilled these requirements, they are eligible to become a Church Spiritual Healer at our Services.

What happens during a Spiritual Healing session?

During a healing session, the Spiritual Healer focuses on the connection between themselves, the recipient and the Divine Source, helping the sitter to relax and allow the healing energy to flow freely. Only minimal touching is involved. Recipients will feel the Healer’s hands on their shoulders at the beginning and end of a healing. The rest of the time the Healer is in tune to both the Divine Source and the recipient’s energy field, aligning and clearing the main chakras and segmenting the physical body to direct healing energies there. The healing mediums do not ask to receive any information about physical, emotional or spiritual conditions of the sitter. It is enough that they provide the conduit through which the healing energies from the Divine Source flow to the recipient. Each healing takes five to 10 minutes to complete.