We are the Church with the big blue doors!

Everyone is welcome! Our Church is a non-denominational community of people who are aware that we are all connected and part of the larger Divine consciousness. Our members include those seeking to grow their own personal connection to Spiritual wisdom and raise awareness of the interconnection of all life—across all cultures, religions and history.

Anyone can attend our Church and experience regular weekly, public services in healing, meditation and demonstration of mediumship. We also run development courses in ethical mediumship and spiritual healing throughout the year, and host a variety of workshops and social events. For more details, refer to the Event Calendar. After getting acquainted with us, you may consider becoming a member.

CFSC has operated continually in Calgary under official charter since 1920 and has charitable donation status. The Church is operated almost entirely by volunteers, including our Board of Directors, ordained Ministers and appointed Mediums. We have many other helping hands as well and we are so grateful for all they do!

Our History