Due to the continued closure of our church and services, we invite everyone to attend the online virtual services of our affiliate, Eternity Connection. Please note that when we start our re-opening phase, a number of guidelines will be in place to ensure everyone's safety.

Our Spirit mediums

Wanda Buchlietner-Garstad

A Certified Wholistic Health Practitioner, Psychic Medium, Death/Soul Doula, Seidr/Shamanic Practitioner for over 16 years, Reiki Master Teacher, Body Talk Therapist and Systemic Constellation Therapist. Wanda has been practicing Energy Medicine for humans and animals, in many forms, for many years. Aside from being born with abilities, Wanda has gathered her knowledge from many honoured and gifted teachers. She considers herself a student of Life and Spirit. Wanda understands and is committed to the importance of healing, support, connection and community. As a Practitioner, Therapist & Death Doula she is honoured to assist others on their Soul Walk through Support, Mentoring, Teaching and Facilitating.
Contact Wanda at www.walkingsoulwisdom.com for any further information.