Our Spirit mediums

Donna Kiss

Donna has been practicing mediumship and clairvoyance in Calgary since 1989. She started at the Gateway Centre and a few years later expanded to Calgary First Spiritualist Church. Donna has taken various workshops and courses on the psychic arts, including seven courses on different styles of mediumship and psychic work at Arthur Findlay College in England. She has also attended The Monroe Institute in Virginia, having taken the 27 Gateway, Lifelines and Exploration courses there.

Donna uses crystals and stones to assist with psychic readings; however her source of information is through clairvoyance. The method is to have the person pick out a stone and then Donna uses her clairvoyance to assist Spirit friends to come in contact and give messages to the person through that particular stone. Because Spirit is called upon, fortune telling is not involved. A person can express questions and concerns, and answers and guidance will be given, provided that this will not harm a person’s growth or karma.

At the present time Donna gives demonstrations of clairvoyance and teaches at Calgary First Spiritualist Church and the Gateway Centre. Although Donna only does in-person readings, people from around the world have come to see her. Donna offers consultations on almost any subject—from your past lives to your future in this life and information on your family and friends, both on Earth and in Spirit.