Our Spirit mediums

Rev. Ella Groves

Rev. Ella Groves has a long history with Calgary First Spiritualist Church. Her family found their way to Spiritualism in the late 1930s. As a child, Rev. Ella attended the Children’s Progressive Lyceum, which was the equivalent of a Sunday school for our Church. She was brought up with the idea that Spirit is always around us and that our purpose here in life is to progress our souls by being of service to others.

Rev. Ella attended the University of Alberta. After completing her Bachelor of Education degree, she taught elementary classes in the public school systems in Alberta and British Columbia. Later, she continued her studies at the University of Calgary where she specialized as a reading clinician, and then taught students with learning problems for 20 years.

After completing extensive studies in all aspects of Spiritualism through the American-based Morris Pratt Institute (Course in Modern Spiritualism, Pastoral Skills Training and Educational Course of Licentiate Minister), and receiving certification in mediumship, healing and lecturing from the Spiritualist Church of Canada, Rev. Ella was ordained as a Minister of the Spiritualist Church of Canada in 2007. Ella continues to play an active role in the life and work of CFSC.