Due to the continued closure of our church and services, we invite everyone to attend the online virtual services of our affiliate, Eternity Connection. Please note that when we start our re-opening phase, a number of guidelines will be in place to ensure everyone's safety.

Our Spirit mediums

Vreny Zumbuhl

Vreny has been working with Spirit as an evidential medium for a number of years. She is very passionate about her work, which she feels strongly supports people’s ability to heal and move forward on their life journeys.

Vreny is a Church Medium at Calgary First Spiritualist Church where she volunteers endless hours of her time. She also volunteers at the Gateway Centre as a platform medium and reader at fundraiser events. In September 2015, Vreny was invited to be the visiting medium at the Ottawa Spiritual Pathways Centre where she offered private readings, demonstrations of mediumship and a one-day workshop on developing mediumistic and psychic abilities.

Vreny offers workshops at her home in the Irricana area outside of Calgary and at CFSC. She also runs private development circles both in Calgary and at her home where she engages participants in a variety of trust-building exercises to help them enhance their psychic and mediumistic abilities. Her gentle and encouraging approach to teaching helps participants unfold their abilities easily and effortlessly. Vreny also offers private readings in person or via telephone.