Everyone is welcome to attend the Church!

Since 1920, we have been established as the first spiritualist church in Calgary. We offer an array of events and benefits for you to participate in.

Associate Members have access to:

  • Reduced costs for some events and courses such as our leading Ethical and Evidential Mediumship programs
  • Access to the Church libraries
  • Volunteer at various events to assist in your organisational skills

Full Members can:

  • Be eligible to become a Church Medium and Minister upon meeting the required standards
  • Serve as a Church Spiritual Healer with the requisite training
  • Serve on the Church Board or Committees
  • Serve as facilitators on events

Associate members enjoy the same rights as Full members, except they do not have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and on church affairs.

A membership is not required to attend weekly services, public events and fundraisers or take courses and events. However, if you would like to join our community of like-minded people, have a say in the running of the Church, and receive our member benefits such as special pricing, you are welcome to apply for a membership!

Applications for new Associate and Full memberships are subject to approval by the Church Board of Directors, and you require nomination by two current Church members. Once approved, you officially become part of our vibrant community.

See links below about our membership types. For more information, you can speak to the Chairperson or the Membership Coordinator at a service or event, or email us at: 

Associate Membership

This is the first step to becoming a Full Member of CFSC. Associate memberships are issued for a period of 12 months to allow individuals to get acquainted with the Church and take the Orientation in Modern Spiritualism class, which is a requirement for Full membership.

Note: To apply for a new Associate membership you must be nominated by two current Full Members. For more details, speak to a volunteer at one of our services, or email the Church.

Apply for an Associate Membership


Associate Member 2024 Dues

Full Membership

Full members enjoy the privilege of having a vote in the Church’s activities and be eligible to facilitate at the Church events and programs.

To apply for a new Full membership you must be nominated by two current Full Members.

Apply for Full Membership

Full Member Dues 2024

Annual Membership Renewal

The Church’s Membership is from January to December of each calendar year. Members must renew their memberships by the end of the year to be eligible to participate in the Annual General Meeting. Members who have let their membership lapse for more than a year must re-apply for membership.

Renew Your Membership