Our Church

We are the Church with the big blue doors!

Everyone is welcome! Our Church is a non-denominational community of people who are aware that we are all connected and part of the larger Divine consciousness. Our members include those seeking to grow their own personal connection to Spiritual wisdom and raise awareness of the interconnection of all life—across all cultures, religions and history.

Anyone can attend our Church and experience regular weekly, public services in healing, meditation and demonstration of mediumship. We also run development courses in ethical mediumship and spiritual healing throughout the year, and host a variety of workshops and social events. For more details, refer to the Event Calendar. After getting acquainted with us, you may consider becoming a member.

CFSC has operated continually in Calgary under official charter since 1920 and has charitable donation status. The Church is operated almost entirely by volunteers, including our Board of Directors, ordained Ministers and appointed Mediums. We have many other helping hands as well and we are so grateful for all they do!

1920 – Founding

CFSC was founded in 1920 following several years of regularly scheduled meetings that began during World War I. Church pioneers bought a building on 7th Avenue SE, in the heart of Calgary’s downtown near present-day City Hall, for this first Church. By 1929, the mortgage on the original Church building had been paid, and CFSC operated at this location for over 50 years!

1972 – Move to Hillhurst

In 1972, the City of Calgary expropriated the original Church property downtown on 7th Avenue SE for use by the Calgary Police Service. At this time, the Church moved to our current location at 1603 – 6 Avenue NW in the Hillhurst community.

1990 – Our logo

Two Church members, Norm Strobbe and Stephen Craig, had a shared psychic experience where they traveled to a place in Spirit and saw Norm’s father and sister waiting for him. Stephen says that he saw Norm’s family linked together with their arms outstretched in a line that went into infinity. The vision of the outstretched arms with everyone linked together inspired Stephen to develop the Church logo. The logo’s seven spirit people linked together represent the Seven Principles of Spiritualism. The open space illustrates the place where we go when we leave the Earth plane and join our families in Spirit. The scattered stars represent the heavens.

2010 – Stansted by the Rockies

William and Sharon Pelech spearheaded bringing the Stansted Experience from Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England to our Church in Calgary. 2010 marked the inaugural year of this annual week-long series of events where CFSC hosts visiting UK mediums who lead participants through intensive mediumship and spiritual development courses, perform demonstrations of mediumship at special Church services, and offer private readings and healings.