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Drop in Trance Development Circle – In Person

Schedule for Friday

7:00 pm

Drop in Trance Development Circle - In Person

Facilitator: Andy Hall
Drop-in attendance.

$10 fee per session.

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Trance is the practice of allowing spirit (a guide) to speak through you. It takes some training to learn to do this. The expansion of trance is about understanding that we each have a family in spirit who will work with us and who love us dearly.


For more information, please visit the Drop in Trance Development Circle page.


Meditation Gathering

MEDITATION GATHERING with Louise Gebhart and her team of guides.

Come meet with Louise and her beloved team of guides Friday evenings. Join in with them and venture in to the world of spirit across the Dimensions. Louise’s gathering is open to seasoned veterans and beginners alike. Everyone will have their own unique experience. You may choose to share or just listen to other participants when Louise does the debriefing at the conclusion of the meditation. This will be a Closed Circle Mediation Gathering.  A closed circle will bring up the energy and enhance the spirit vibrations.

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