Calgary First is a community for ethical mediumship, spiritual growth, spiritual healing and ethical mediumship.

Spiritualism is a science, a philosophy and a religion. Our Church is a place of acceptance, healing, learning, service and worship. We follow a set of Seven Principles. Everyone is welcome. The Church is operated almost entirely by volunteers, including volunteer ministers, mediums and board members.

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Facilitator:  Barb Wright (
First and third Saturdays of the month*
February 4 & 18th, 2023.     9:30 – 11:00 am


Advanced Energy Healing is a special kind of healing during which the healing medium links to God on
behalf of the person who has come for healing.  The medium makes a physical connection with the recipient
by placing his/her hand on the recipient’s back.

The healing medium does not examine, diagnose nor prescribe anything for the recipient but does use a form
of silent prayer to increase the energy flowing to the recipient from God.  It is through this enhanced energy
from God’s universe that healing can occur in the physical world

Healing mediums at Calgary First Spiritualist Church have taken special training to do this work.  They
practice meditation regularly and know how to link into the higher healing energies.  Their focus is on
maintaining the link that allows healing to occur rather than focusing on the person receiving healing.

Donations Appreciated



Facilitator:  Maggie Atkinson, Stormcrow White Eagle, PhD

February 11, 2023  12:00 – 3:00 pm

Cost:  $15


Drumming is an important medicine in Shamanic Healing. It used as a powerful sacred tool that connects us with spirit and with the natural world. The vibrational energy initiated through drumming is a powerful way of creating change in energetic patterns by removing energy that no longer serves our highest purpose and by generating new energy that supports physical, mental and spiritual health.

Drumming accelerates physical, emotional and spiritual healing, boosts the immune system, encourages feelings of well-being and releases emotional trauma. Drumming also induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

Please join me and bring your drum.  If you don’t have a drum you are welcome to join us.

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February 19, 2023  8:15 p.m. (following our regular Sunday Service)

Elections will be held for the following positions
Vice – President
Board Volunteers

If you wish to fill one of these positions or wish to nominate anyone for these positions please email the Church at

The meeting will also be broadcast on Zoom
Meeting ID: 896 6217 4027
Passcode: 079193
There will be refreshments available.






February 26, 2023

1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Cost:  $40

Facilitator:  Sue Raven


SoulCollage® is a creative, intuitive & fun collage process. Each card we make (with found images) represents a unique aspect of our self. Gradually we create a visual journal of our inner and outer parts. In this workshop ,we will learn the elements of SoulCollage and make a few cards in a safe, creative space. We will  share in a Circle, write in our journal and spend a wonderful afternoon together. All materials provided.

Five of us gathered for a wonderful card making  session in November and we are all now addicted to this wonderful process. Everyone had fun and it was very special to share the insights that we gained from our cards. You are welcome to join us

                                      No art training required – anyone can do it. Come play with us!

SoulCollage images will be on display at the church over the next few months





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Calgary First Spiritualist Church  was founded in 1920 following several years of regularly scheduled meetings that began during World War I. Church pioneers bought a building on 7th Avenue SE, in the heart of Calgary’s downtown near present-day City Hall, for this first Church. By 1929, the mortgage on the original Church building had been paid, and CFSC operated at this location for over 50 years!

Calgary’s only registered religious society Spiritualist Church.

The Church is a Registered Charity (Reg 895538809 RR 0001) with Canada Revenue Agency