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Calgary First is a community for ethical mediumship, spiritual growth, spiritual healing and ethical mediumship.

Spiritualism is a science, a philosophy and a religion. Our Church is a place of acceptance, healing, learning, service and worship. We follow a set of Seven Principles. Everyone is welcome. The Church is operated almost entirely by volunteers, including volunteer ministers, mediums and board members.

Ongoing Groups

What's Happening

Due to the continued closure of our church and services for the month of September, we invite everyone to attend the online virtual services of our affiliate, Eternity Connection. Please note that during our re-opening phase, a number of guidelines will be in place to ensure everyone's safety. Furthermore,


Our Church

CFSC was founded in 1920 following several years of regularly scheduled meetings that began during World War I. Church pioneers bought a building on 7th Avenue SE, in the heart of Calgary’s downtown near present-day City Hall, for this first Church. By 1929, the mortgage on the original Church building had been paid, and CFSC operated at this location for over 50 years!