Associate Membership

This is the first step to becoming a Full Member of CFSC.

Associate memberships are issued for a period of one year to allow individuals to get acquainted with the Church and the opportunity to take the Orientation in Modern Spiritualism class (see Courses for more information), which is a requirement for Full membership.

To join as an Associate Member, the following requirements are needed:

  1. be 18 years or older.
  2. be sponsored by two Full Members of the Church who are in good standing.
  3. be approved by the Board.
  4. be open to gaining an understanding of the Seven Principles and the Constitution and agree to support to the Church
  5. pay the annual membership dues

In addition to belonging to our dynamic and supportive community of spiritually-minded people, there are some real benefits to becoming a member. These include:

  • Reduced costs for some events and courses
  • Access to the Church library
  • Serve as volunteers on events and courses

Associate members enjoy the same rights as Full members, except they do not have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and on church affairs.

Applications for new Associate memberships are subject to approval by the Church Board of Directors, and you require nomination by two current Church members. The Board meets on the third Wednesday of every month for membership considerations.

With your new membership, you will receive a membership card, along with a copy of the Church Constitution and Bylaws.

    Associate Membership Application

    First and Last Name

    Mailing Address

    Phone Number

    Nominating Members

    Membership terms:

    Associate Membership is valid for a period of 12 months. This type of Membership is not renewable. After this time, they may apply for a Full Membership, upon completion of the required course Orientation to Spiritualism.

    The Seven Principles of Spiritualism

    1. A Divine Source recognized as God
    2. The Unity of all life
    3. Communication, guidance and healing from the Spirit world
    4. The continuous existence of the Soul
    5. Personal responsibility for every thought, word and action
    6. Reward and consequence for all deeds according to God’s natural laws
    7. Eternal progress open to every Soul

    What led you to apply for Membership with the Church?

    Would you like to receive information about upcoming Events, Workshops & Courses?

    Membership Fee

    -1 year New Associate Membership - $25
    -This Membership is valid for only 12 months from the date of application and is non-renewable.
    -Full Membership is required for continuation of Membership
    -All Membership are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

    Confirmation of Information

    Indicate form of Payment

    This APPLICATION FORM MUST be submitted and accompanied by the required fees in order to process your request.

    Signed by:

    Date Submitted:

    This APPLICATION FORM MUST be submitted and accompanied by the required fees in order to process your request.

    Membership Payment Form